For programs on a budget

The first and only Practice Pad for Mallet players!

Now your students can practice at home, in the dorm or in the practice room.  We have four models of pads for specific purposes.  Similar to a drum pad, they do not have pitch but the size and feel of the bars are the same as your full size vibraphone and  4 or 5 octave marimba.

Perfect for the bedroom or dorm room!

Lets go Back to Basics.

The highest quality mallet that has the right sound without the high cost of other mallets.

New! ALL-WEATHER Mallets! Mallets designed to withstand the harsh environment of marching band and drum corps.  The wrapped mallets are a hybrid of yarn and cord to withstand the damp conditions and dry without falling apart. The Non-wrapped mallets will sound great wet or dry.

New Ensemble Music

for both Beginner and Intermediate ensembles!

Written for your front ensemble. Pieces to help develop musicality, ensemble cohesiveness and individual technique. All pieces will work with a variety of performance levels.

Keyboard Practice Pads

New Arrival!

We are very excited to introduce a variation to our successful practice pad series. We are introducing an additional option for our practice pads.  They will still have the strong firm base as always but the bars will now be made of foam instead of wood.  Making our pads similar to a snare drum pad,  much quieter and lighter.  The option to purchase wood bars for that real keyboard feel is still available.  All sizes available KPP2B, KPP3B, KPP4B, and KPP5B!

When you order, specify foam or wood bars.

Intermediate to Advanced Players!

We're looking forward to giving your students a step up.  The practice pads are just what your students have been looking for.  A practice instrument just for mallet players at a reasonable price.  So now your mallet players can practice at home like your drummers.

All practice pads are made to order.  We do not keep stock!  So order now and get your practice pads between one to two weeks.  Orders made before Dec 11th will arrive by Christmas.

Marching Band, Winter Percussion Drum Corps and College students, there is a practice pad perfect for your situation.

Special practice pads are available.  KPP2, Bell practice pads or Pit Xylophone practice pads.

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